You have Poison on Your Plate

A Guide through your food allergies

In over 10 years as a doctor, I have constantly encountered patients complaining of a range of problems like dirrohea, vommiting and nausea after they had a certain food. Food Allergies is quite common, and quite certainly we would have experienced it at certain times of our lives.

Food allergy is a reaction to certain food or food group triggered by an immune reaction to the protein in a food. The reaction causes a sudden release of chemicals in your bodies that causes the allergic symptoms you face.
Relax! It’s rarely fatal, deaths caused by food is attributed to food toxicity or food poisoning and not food allergy.

The top contributors to your allergies are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, shellfish, and fish. These alone make up for 90% of food allergy problems. Also just because you got dirrohea or allergic symptom does not necessarily mean that food has to be completely eliminated, you have to recognize the irregularities you face after taking that particular food and then decide your course of action.

Quite often people allergic to milk consider that they are allergic singularly to milk. However they could also be allergic to the byproducts of milk such as butter, yogurt, cream, cheese and other byproducts. It is advised thus that you identify the allergen and the possible related foods that you continue to consume.

No don’t put the snacks down. We at Acure encourage healthy snacking and lifestyle. Next time we will walk you through how homeopathy holds solutions for your health problems.

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